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It's time to change the game

Why it matters

There are now billions of gamers in the world from all walks of life. Games are for everyone, and we want to give our community a platform to share their hopes for the industry. Help us create a more welcoming and safe space for all because we belong here.

Until the end of May, we'll be exploring diversity and inclusion in games and the industry through tons of exciting content and events, like community challenges, surveys, and interviews, hosted on our social media channels.

Our Value Background Gameloft

What we believe in

Read up on some of our core values at Gameloft below!
Strength in diversity Gameloft
Strength in diversity
We believe diversity is a strength that will only make the industry, our company, and our games stronger. Differences should be embraced and celebrated—they help us hone our craft, boost our creativity, and make the world, both the real and in-game, a more beautiful and interesting place.
Gaming for all Gameloft
Gaming for all
We make games of various genres on multiple platforms because we believe there’s a game for everyone. Whether you're more interested in training dragons in Dragon Mania Legends or putting your sharpshooting skills to the test in Sniper Champions, your voice matters and our love for games should unite rather than divide us.
Kindness & Empathy Gameloft
Kindness & Empathy
We believe kindness and empathy go a long way and are fundamental to lasting change. We won’t all agree with one another all the time, but treating each other with respect in and out of games is vital to create a healthy and welcoming environment to work and play.

Community challenge

We want to continue creating games that delight our players and fostering an environment that makes them feel like they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be.

There are many ways to achieve this, but the first step is acknowledging the current situation and communicating.

This why we’re hosting a community challenge and roundtable. We want you to share with us your vision of a diverse and inclusive game and what you’d love to see happen in the industry.

How To Background Gameloft
How to pitch your game

If you want to participate in our Community Challenge, follow the steps below and submit your amazing idea on Discord! Hook us in by explaining your game in one sentence.

“As a racer, you take part in stunts-filled arcade races in realistic environments to become a legend.”

01. Action & Context Gameloft
01. Action & Context
Determine where your action takes place.
02. Player role Gameloft
02. Player role
Choose your role!
03. Goals Gameloft
03. Goals
What you have to achieve.
Read full rules here
vision Gameloft

We belong here

Gameloft is made up of incredibly kind and talented people who have big dreams for the industry. We interviewed a few of our Gamelofters who shared their hopes for the future, which include more empathy, listening to marginalized communities, and giving them a voice at the table, to name a few.

We hope these two weeks will help our community think more deeply and discuss more openly about these issues and inspire them to help us make the industry a place where everyone can thrive, create, and play.

Mara Ingham
Game Manager at Gameloft Brisbane
vision media Gameloft
Asteria Rani
Communications Specialist at Gameloft Yogyakarta
vision media Gameloft
Smith Dela Pena
User Acquisition Manager at Gameloft Barcelona
vision media Gameloft
Agnes Phillips
Game Community Manager – Budapest Studio
vision media Gameloft
Sonia En Najibi
Concept Artist at Gameloft Paris
vision media Gameloft
Claire Stenger
Senior Narrative Designer at Gameloft New York
vision media Gameloft